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North Crawley Road Drain Unblocked

by Douglas McCall on 11 December, 2018

  The Council has now completed the work to clear the drain in North Crawley Road, removing a substantial number of bricks and other debris. No wonder the drain was blocked, causing the road to flood every time it rained.   The road closure is no longer in place.   Thank you to Cllr Paul […]

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North Crawley Road Blocked Drain

by Douglas McCall on 6 December, 2018

North Crawley Road floods every time it rains. This is due to a blocked drain, believed to be associated with work at the neighbouring new housing site. Lib Dem Ward councillors raised this with MK Council. The first attempt to clear the drain was not successfully as it is blocked by solid concrete, so a […]

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Bushes Cut Back

by Douglas McCall on 27 November, 2018

  My ward colleagues and I have been following up on a number of complaints from residents about overgrown bushes.   I managed to get the Council to cut back the bushes in Leary Crescent, see before and after photos above, where the whole pavement was blocked!.

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Newport Pagnell Christmas Lights Switch On

by Douglas McCall on 25 November, 2018

  My Lib Dem ward councillor colleagues and I joined in the fun at the Newport Pagnell Christmas Lights Fair on Saturday 24th November.   Well done to all the staff holders, and especially the Christmas Lights volunteers for all the work they do putting up the lights and organising the fair and switch on.

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Remembrance Sunday

by Douglas McCall on 9 November, 2018

People have rightly been concerned about the impact of the road works in the High Street near the War Memorial on Sunday’s WW1 centennial Remembrance Parade. As both local councillor and President of the Newport Pagnell RBL Club I held a site visit with the Head of Highways. All holes will be filled in and […]

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Development East of the M1

by Douglas McCall on 25 October, 2018

When the Liberal Democrats ran the Council a decade and more ago they set the boundary for eastward development of Milton Keynes at the M1 motorway, but Central Government wants to build a million new homes along the Oxford-Milton Keynes-Cambridge Arc, also known as the East-West corridor. It is proposed to have an East-West Expressway […]

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Lib Dem Pothole Policy Success

by Douglas McCall on 5 October, 2018

  The Liberal Democrats have used their influence on MK Council to have the Council’s policy regarding fixing potholes changed;   1. The Liberal Democrats have argued that the intervention level, the depth that potholes need to reach to be repaired, should be reduced. This has now been reduced from 50mm to 40mm.   2. […]

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Green Park Tesco Update

by Douglas McCall on 29 September, 2018

Residents will be pleased to hear that Tesco are intending to reopen their store on Green Park next to the Kingfisher public house. Earlier in the year the shop was destroyed by fire, but we are pleased to announce following discussions with the London based property company who own the building they confirm that renovations […]

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New Footpath

by Douglas McCall on 23 September, 2018

  After campaigning for over ten years for a footpath linking Chicheley Street and Keynes Close work has now started on the construction. Previously residents have had to walk across the grass, which gets muddy in winter.   This is the last section in a circular walk around the Tickford area of Newport Pagnell to […]

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Flooding Update

by Douglas McCall on 21 September, 2018

Cllr Jane Carr and I, along with residents from Wolverton Road, recently meet with the Leader of MK Council, to discuss the problems of flooding. Milton Keynes Council has commissioned a review of the flooding across Milton Keynes, including Wolverton Road. The report is due to be published later in the Autumn. It was agreed […]

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