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Homelessness on the Increase

by Douglas McCall on 12 October, 2016

  Homelessness is on the increase in Milton Keynes and across the UK. In Milton Keynes there are currently (as at 10th October) 534 households, not individuals, who are homeless in Milton Keynes. That is roughly double the figure from just a year ago. These are in various types of temporary accommodation. Then on top […]

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Phone Box Closure Consultation

by Douglas McCall on 11 October, 2016

BT are consulting on closing a number of pay phone boxes in Milton Keynes, including five in Newport Pagnell   As most people have mobile phones these days the use of pay phones has dropped by 90% in the last decade, and 98% of the country has either 3G or 4G coverage.   The five […]

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Trip Hazard Repaired

by Douglas McCall on 6 October, 2016

  I spotted that one of the Anglian Water covers on the pavement in Hopton Grove, Newport Pagnell was broken and causing a trip hazard.   It has now been repaired.     Before and after photos above.  

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Gyosei Art Trail

by Douglas McCall on 2 October, 2016

  Just South of Giffard Park along both sides of the Grand Union Canal is the Gyosei Art Trail. It’s well worth doing this walk and enjoying the art. You can get a guide from Great Linford Parish Council, who arranged the trail, to help you find them.

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Let there be light

by Douglas McCall on 29 September, 2016

  As the dark nights descend upon us broken street lights will become more noticeable.   Milton Keynes Council no longer scout to look for street lights that are not working in residential streets, so please report any broken lights to the Focus Team with the number off the light and street name. Email

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More Council Budget Cuts Ahead

by Douglas McCall on 25 September, 2016

Over the last five years Milton Keynes Council has cut over £110M and 425 staff, but the Conservative Government is demanding more. The Council has to cut over £20M each year for the rest of this parliament, despite an increase in demand most notably in Adult Social Care due the fact that we are all […]

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Bury Street Double Yellow Lines

by Douglas McCall on 22 September, 2016

  The double yellow lines in Bury Street at its junction with Silver Street were worn away, but The Focus Team got the Council to repaint them to ensure the narrow access from Silver Street was kept clear for drivers.

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Priory Street Parking Saved

by Douglas McCall on 18 September, 2016

  Cllr Paul Alexander and I met with developers Redrow regarding their proposed plans for the former Aston Martin site off Tickford Street, Newport Pagnell.   I am pleased to report that the developers have agreed to scrap their plans that would have meant the loss of at least six on street parking places in […]

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Tackling Homelessness

by Douglas McCall on 17 September, 2016

  Sadly, homelessness is on the rise across the UK, including here in Milton Keynes. People become homeless for many reasons, but Government policies are exasperating the situation.   The Liberal Democrats in MK have made tackling homelessness and the shortage of affordable housing, including houses for rent, one of our top priorities. It was […]

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Silver Street Pavements Resurfaced

by Douglas McCall on 12 September, 2016

Councillor Douglas McCall complained to the Council about the poor state of the pavements in Silver Street, Newport Pagnell, and these have now been resurfaced.

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